R. Gabrielle McCormick

“Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.” -Newt Gringrich

This week is check-in week because believe it or not…2015 will be halfway over starting tomorrow. Around July 1st every year, I analyze what I’ve been doing to reach my monthly goals; I also create a plan for what I need to be doing differently.

I’m going to ask you some of the same questions I ask myself:

  • How have you been spending your summer?
  • Are you following through on what you said you were going to do?
  • What must you do to finish the summer strong and to prepare for a successful school year?

I want to make sure that you’re setting yourself up for scholarship success. Some days are going to be difficult, other days will be a bit easier, but all of it will be worth it. Tackle these scholarships this week:

    1. Safe Driver Scholarship: This scholarship is open to current college students or anyone planning on attending college (or another form of higher education) in the upcoming school year. To apply, you must have a valid driver’s license, participate in a Safe Driver Program, and create a form of social awareness (video, essay, artwork, or anything else that would encourage students to focus on safe driving).
      Awards: $1,000
      Deadline: July 10, 2015
    2. Novus Biologicals Scholarship Program: The Novus Biologicals Scholarship Program is awarded to students pursuing a degree in a science related field twice a year.
      Awards: $1,500
      Deadline: Deadline: July 10, 2015
    3. Book Nerd Words/Book Trailers: This contest is open to individuals ages 13 and older. All you have to do is create a 30 second video regarding one of “fun terms” associated with reading. The other contest focuses on creating movie trailers from a list of books on the site.
      Awards: 2 – $1,000 Youth Awards, 2 – $1,000 Adult Awards, $200 – Finalist Awards
      Deadline: July 13, 2015
    4. Resume Companion Scholarship: Create a resume based on the life of any fictional or non-fictional character, from TV, history, literature or myth for this scholarship.
      Award: $1,000 Awards
      Deadline: July 14, 2015

Happy Tuition Tuesday! :)